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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free Markets, Monetary Policies, And Energy Independence

Upheavals of toxic economic forces is sharply reducing purchasing power, partially because of the United State's citizenry, lawyers, lobbyists, and its political network. This bad situation has helped to further boost the dynamics of this debt ridden society .

Case in point... Washington, D.C. Circa 2008. Wall Street's army of wing tipped personalities march up Capitol Hill's steps to pull off the multi-task operation of scaring and dictating to the masses. Big business bailouts have become the order of the day and now the grandaddy of them all might soon leach the taxation money out of us. A seventy billion dollar [minimum] BAILOUT... thank you Hank [Paulson]! Thank you for all your well paid lobbyists, pulling the strings of sovereignty out of Washington with each of your high power economic moves. Now our once infallible dollar has come on hard times, inflation is increasing, and our national economy is definately recession.

While not all of our current problems could be solved with a magic wand, it is imperative that we steer our national ship in a better direction. Despite the fact that most people do not fully understand this issue, this problem's roots take place with our monetary creation becoming a "catch 22." In order to manufacture these one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollar units, a cycle of debt is enacted.

Many moons ago when exhaustingly long lines were cued up behind petreul pumps, citizens should have gone beyond the mindframe of the 1970's mentality, driving 55 miles per hour. Common folk should have become more aware of oil company lobbyists pandering to the Middle Eastern dictators. Eventually we have paid for citizen apathy. At least notice has finally been documented.

I have a bit of good news and lots of bad news. Lets drive in reverse and state the bad portion first. We will have one hell of a time getting out of this economic slowdown/recession/depression. Expect more bailouts. Expect the dollar to furtherly deduct its value on a daily basis.

And the good news... some positive results are in the future by the United States becoming involved in its second Declaration of Independence. This action of bypassing the Straights of Hormuz could easily be obtained by drilling for domestic oil, while alternative energy is reserached and implemented until it is brought online. If the dire situation of the dollar continuing to fall south is corrected, this action of energy independence could possibly bring us back to becoming an economic superpower.

And for a bit more of bad news. Bailouts are going to flow like foreign oil being exported to the United States unless the Federal Reserve bank's pillars are so radically revamped that Paulson, Bernanke, and their good ole boy network becomes divorced from the United states of America.


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Sunday, September 14, 2008

End The War Economy

Since today has been exclaimed "Constitution Day," lets focus on one of the primary objections proclaimed by our Founding Fathers... a debt ridden imperialistic war economy.

To be more precise, our current debt ridden imperialist society is hampered by the fact that : 1)we allow military contracts to be processed without congressional authorization. 2)Entitlements are passed on to "We the people." 3)As a result of our interventionist foreign policy, we create a flawed economy which includes downgrading our dollar as the private bankers of the Federal Reserve System generate more money out of thin air.

One consequence of many years of various executive and a few congressional orders is that by stationing troops in one hundred and thirty plus countries around this globe, our so called leaders act as agents of global economic collapse. The more U.S. troops that are shipped overseas, the closer the U.S. government might actually be forced to perform the ultimate sellout .... governmental bankruptcy.


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

End The Broken Government Entitlement Cycle

Our current dysfunctional two party political system is hemorrhaging in all kinds of its own inadequacies. Many of these executive ordered or Congressional mandated actions are purely fueled by the friend of the nanny state; government entitlements.

This almost eternal election cycle is spoon feeding many U.S. citizens the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are pretending to engage in an all out duel. In reality, these two almost identical parties have been conveniently marketed in sound bits for the never ending 24-7 cable news cycle.

Review one current case in point, the guns-n-butter mandated "humanitarian" aid to the Eastern European Republic of Georgia. The funneling of billions of dollars by both GOP and Jackasses through the good old boy network of politicians and lobbyists, violates our Founding Father's wishes of getting involved in governmental foreign alliances. For many reasons, these gentlemen of wisdom instead favor private trade without government coercion. By possibly creating an Empire with foreign alliances, we risk to further destabilize the dollar to donate to a global entitlement fund. Inflation becomes more apparent each time another almost worthless fiat dollar is created out of the thin air.

So what does out current corrupt governmental system create? A well crafted and marketed cycle of false emotions funded by lobbyists to cater towards their special interests. Both parties streamline this money into the ever growing national debt, which in the long run becomes the false illusion of a two party system with its medication in this entitlement laden country club.


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Low Profile Endorsement

As political retoric has assaulted even the most apathetic individual's eardrums, I have been banging my brains, debating who is to become my very low-profile endorsement.

Ever since the many sunsets that have come and gone since Ron Paul chose to drop out of the recent presidential sweepstakes, I was keenly aware that I would have to explore alternate avenues.

Cut to the chase... I will officially make my proclimation through deduction. Throw out Obama! This fellow follows a recent history following the bluprint of the entitlement laden Democratic Party. Toss utilitarian McCain! This gentleman is out to expand the current U.S. empire. Nader is neither! His economics wiill create an unprecedented monetary free fall. I will conveniently toss out my [Alan] Keyes! His small government stance is trumped by his mandated Christian morality. "None of the above," will not be casted in '08 since two candidates distinguish themselves from the field.

Enter Chuck Baldwin. Champion of small government, pro-national soveignty, and vehimently against the Real ID Act. Mr Baldwin sounds like the perfect candidate dedicated to the many ideas of liberty.

Enter Bob Barr... a former Republican turned Libertarian. Despite performing official duties of the "Party of Principle," Mr. Barr ultimately is asked the question, "Can you be trusted?" Compared to Baldwin, Barr initially appears to display a light version of being a free market constitutionalist.

Upon further examination, Mr. Baldwin drops drastically in the principle department. This Pensacola, Florida evangelical pastor is a card carrying member of the Constitution Party, a small political party that mentions god so much in its platform that one would wonder how much liberty would truthfully be mandated. Aditionally, Baldwin is nil and void on the issue of the war on drugs... Nothing said.

So... while I respect many of Chuck Baldwin's freedom related views, I break with this guy in small, yet relevent parts. Without outright trashing Baldwin, I simply say that I endorse Bob Barr for President of the United States.

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Bob Barr
Chuck Baldwin


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