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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Goverment = Ford [Fix Or Repair Daily]

As the high energy monetary printing cycle of Hank Paulson/Ben Bernanke morfs into the Timothy F. Geithner/Ben Bernanke duplicating service, the already volatile U.S. dollar will continue its inevitable journey of setting the blueprint for future inflation. Barack Obama... is this really an ounce of change?

Sure... our president-elect of the years 2008-2009 is gobbling up the headlines. Barack Obama proclaims that change is coming in a mania compared to Jesus Christ's return. Like a grumpy turkey not exhibiting its gratitude during the Thanksgiving season, a great segment of the United State's citizens are displaying dangerously similar traits toward the current governmental endorsed economic subsidises. In the Nancy Reagan fashion, they "Just say no" to any governmental bailouts.

You know what? "We the people," exercising our anti-apathy brain power are [mildly stated] fed up with the government whether the Democrats or Republicans usurp any remaining constitutional articles. We have evolved into a nation of overly cynical residents to the point of spewing antagonising as more corrupt lobbyists line their pockets as Congress bails out banks and soon to be, the U.S. automobile industry.

While many compatriots are unaware of the banker/Treasury department good ole boy network, the roughly polarized citizenry is an appropriate choice of words whether we are still stifled by unnecessary war power acts, having to subsidize the highly related nanny state, or being spied upon our Orwellian government.


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