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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Defending The Republic

During the final days of this most important election cycle, I am going to breifly highlight a few obvious points pertaining to our two party system mascarading as one organization.


  • Ted Stevens [Republican].
  • Kwame Kilpatrick {Democrat].
  • Many of McCain and Obama's campaign advisors consists of lobbyists.


  • Bailout supported by Obama and McCain.
  • If McCain is accussing Obama of socialism, then McCain is also a socialist.
  • Both candidates support the current private banker/monetary politician supply cycle.

Foreign Policy

  • Both candidates boast blueprints to negatively impact global economics through empire building tactics.
  • McCain's foreign policy would heavily consist of pre-emptive "democracy building" projects.
  • Obama's foreign policy would heavily consist of UN mandated "guns-n-butter" missions.


  • McCain and Obama supports the Real Id Act, FISA, and other privacy/civil liberty type programs.
  • McCain and Obama support "Robin Hood" type entitlement programs, taking property from private citizens to give to a small amount of its citizenry.
  • McCain and Obama is part of the ogliarchy like two party system, for the most part, excluding independents and third party candidates.