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Saturday, September 13, 2008

End The Broken Government Entitlement Cycle

Our current dysfunctional two party political system is hemorrhaging in all kinds of its own inadequacies. Many of these executive ordered or Congressional mandated actions are purely fueled by the friend of the nanny state; government entitlements.

This almost eternal election cycle is spoon feeding many U.S. citizens the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are pretending to engage in an all out duel. In reality, these two almost identical parties have been conveniently marketed in sound bits for the never ending 24-7 cable news cycle.

Review one current case in point, the guns-n-butter mandated "humanitarian" aid to the Eastern European Republic of Georgia. The funneling of billions of dollars by both GOP and Jackasses through the good old boy network of politicians and lobbyists, violates our Founding Father's wishes of getting involved in governmental foreign alliances. For many reasons, these gentlemen of wisdom instead favor private trade without government coercion. By possibly creating an Empire with foreign alliances, we risk to further destabilize the dollar to donate to a global entitlement fund. Inflation becomes more apparent each time another almost worthless fiat dollar is created out of the thin air.

So what does out current corrupt governmental system create? A well crafted and marketed cycle of false emotions funded by lobbyists to cater towards their special interests. Both parties streamline this money into the ever growing national debt, which in the long run becomes the false illusion of a two party system with its medication in this entitlement laden country club.


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