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Friday, August 22, 2008

Jackasses vs. Elephants In Time Out

As media hype permiates our airwaves about the upcoming political conventions, I am reminding the reader about the one word that creates this process. TAXES!

In 1971, our federal legislators decided to annoint themselves self serving apprentice lobbyists in order to create the current blueprint of bi polar partisanship. In reality, this process very partially funds the Democrat and Republican muckrake by the U.S. taxpayer saying if he wants to place an almost worthless dollar in an earmarked campaign fund, he can do so.

A very well known fact is that our statist goverbment is subverting our economic means by sabotaging the global economy with federal debt. An unknown tid-bit of information is that the two major political parties receives federal funding, while lesser parties have to privately fund themselves on a shoe-string budget. By trying not to sound like a emotionally traumatized baby, the fact that the jackass and the elephant sitting in timeout, has attained a higher value.

Under natural law, we the people demand not to be obliged to pay for this taxation with partial representation.


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