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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Say No To Guns & Butter

While I denounce the Russia's current empire building policies in the breakaway republics of Chechnya and Georgia, George Bush's omni-potent guns and butter foreign policies is certainly bad news.

As I am electronically etching words onto the world wide web, U.S. troops are distributing food inside Georgia. In the meantime, Russian troops are continuing to march throughout this country. Russians and Americans possible might end up clashing despite the fact that many look upon this action as a good intentioned. In reality, by allocating these resources, we are giving the stamp of approval for implimenting another form of welfare.

By being entangled in another nation's alliances [such as Georgia], the United States is overextending our already vastly depleted economic system. In order to deliver an international handout, the Federal Reserve System prints money out of the thin air, which in turn creates more inflation as each dollar is printed. Additionally, money which is originally meant to be streamed to domestic infrastructure projects, ends up being distributed for naton building.

Yes. crooked Putnam still holds the reins of Russia in the style of the 1968 U.S.S.R, getting ready to invade Chzecoslovakia. Once agin, the age old question is "What are we to do?" For starters, we ought to promote free trade and diplomacy.

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