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Sunday, September 14, 2008

End The War Economy

Since today has been exclaimed "Constitution Day," lets focus on one of the primary objections proclaimed by our Founding Fathers... a debt ridden imperialistic war economy.

To be more precise, our current debt ridden imperialist society is hampered by the fact that : 1)we allow military contracts to be processed without congressional authorization. 2)Entitlements are passed on to "We the people." 3)As a result of our interventionist foreign policy, we create a flawed economy which includes downgrading our dollar as the private bankers of the Federal Reserve System generate more money out of thin air.

One consequence of many years of various executive and a few congressional orders is that by stationing troops in one hundred and thirty plus countries around this globe, our so called leaders act as agents of global economic collapse. The more U.S. troops that are shipped overseas, the closer the U.S. government might actually be forced to perform the ultimate sellout .... governmental bankruptcy.


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