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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Clock Keeps Ticking

The Gross National Debt

As the ever expansive national debt clock continues its accelerated rise north, it has become quite visually apparent that our current governmental bailout policies documents its incompetent nature.

Very recently, National Treasurer, Hank Paulson, stated to the effect that the ever so expansive Federal Reserve/Treasury have decided to suddenly change its position about purchasing toxic mortgage assets. This sudden 180 degree mind changing action shows how naive it is for a governmental agency to recklessly purchase homes of less value and still play the role of Superman, hoping for change by saving the poisonous economy. The fact is that by playing "God" with these bailouts, more havoc is crashing upon the economy [ie, the national debt, inflation, etc.] upon each more worthless dollar going through one of the the United State's strongest manufactures, the printing of the dollar bill.

I often wonder whether the bailout authorities can intellectually calculate that the "mere" dollar amount of one trillion dollars takes approximately 31,700 years to count out loud. In the meantime, the debt clock keeps on ticking.


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