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Monday, May 12, 2008

Liberty vs. Liberty Lite

While my support for Ron Paul’s campaign remains enthusiastic, I am keeping my eyes peeled on the Libertarian Party’s contradistinctive race between freedom fighter Bob Barr and Libertarian-Lite candidate Mike Gravel.

Barr and Gravel similarities are characterized by the fact that both of these maverick candidates have crossed party lines. Barr, who became a GOP exile in December 2006 because he realized that the GOP has been become a huge large government machine. Gravel very recently joined the ranks of the so called Party of principle.

Gazing at the issues, it is almost immediate that Barr seems to resemble a more formidable candidate as he currently favors keeping government out of people’s lives, which includes the idea of abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. Also, Barr believes [as does Paul] that bringing troops back from Iraq will not only greatly enhance our international reputation, but also greatly enhance our economy and the national infrastructure.

Many citizens in the Libertarian Party/libertarian circles are skeptical of Barr because of his previous views within the Republican Party. This Congressman from Ga’s previous views included favoring the war on drugs and voting yea on the Patriot Act [which he now strongly regrets].

Another Libertarian Party candidate, Mike Gravel almost leftist positions compared to Barr’s more honorably Libertarian principled positions to the point that one might believe that this recent Democratic Party candidate is a plain opportunist. Look on Gravel’s website as he believes in governmental health care intervention, finance assistance to presidential candidates, and his role of using the disastrous United Nations to end the war in Iraq.

No wonder a larger amount of bodies are not abandoning the Libertarian Party. A handful, yet appalling amount of not so straightforward politicians are using this once great, but now watered down political party to create ersatz freedom candidates.


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Friday, May 9, 2008

Congressional Authorized Crash

With today’s House of Representatives passage of HR 5512, a so called money reform bill, we have authorized congress to say yeah to the fact that they are further devaluing the already falling dollar.

By introducing steel to the already economically deprived pennies and nickels, we are creating a blueprint for further disaster. Getting rid of the already low cost zinc coinage will invite the financial system to accelerate its rate of inflation, putting a further strain on the average household.

HR 5512Overview
HR 5512 Text
Ron Paul's Opening Statment
House Passes Bill To Make Coin-Making Cheaper


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