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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Free Trade + Diplomacy For Cuba

Now that communist authoritarian Fidel Castro has handed over his dictator card to brother Raul, what constitutional actions should the United States pursue? Trade and diplomacy!

Yes. I am sure many will balk at the above idea saying that I am helping this communist influenced country thrive. But the fact that if a real free trade agreement outside of entangling with this government in nanny actions and or foreign allegiances, people on this island nation will be allowed to have at least a bit of freedom. Sure, it will probably be similar to a Chinese trading system, but at least that is a start.

How do we kick start this newly created system? First of all, the United States needs to promote diplomacy by shuttling promoters of peace to this island. The United States also should lift the ongoing embargo to this impoverished nation.

If Cuba allows us, theses two countries should focus on free trade to make life more prosperous by allowing more choice with more products on this island. By allowing movement of product within this ninety mile corridor, life will be vastly improved with economic freedom. Yes, Cuba will probably have the same sort of authoritarian regime, but even having a Chinese version of trade will open this much over oppressed nation to many ideas of freedom, which could eventually rid this country of socialism.

More frm Cato Institute


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Friday, February 15, 2008

Real ID Is Real Stupid

Once again, the omnipotent Department of Homeland Security has cooked up another grand scheme dangerously similar to the Patriot Act, named the Real ID Act. Two words describe this bad piece of legislation : Real Bad.

Asides from the issue of identity theft, the Real ID, which is supposed to take effect in 2011, is an enormous chockfull of unconstitutional legislation.

By forcing so called independent states to distribute the government mandated encryption strip, the idea of states rights gets flushed down the toilet. The Feds have once again trumped state sovereignty, this time ordering these individual territory's citizens to be stuck with Centralized consequences … well too bad. No more air travel. No more opening new bank accounts. No more entering federal buildings. The general public residing in the so called dissident states would not be allowed to perform certain day to day activities. A more predicament has been been created by not allowing states to make daily decisions on how to process their own drivers license information. These kinds of actions are not only unconstitutional, but it is illegal despite the fact that it is unnoticed by most of the broad-spectrum population.

Another quandary is that eventually the United States plans to abandon a bit more of its national sovereignty by allowing the countries of Canada and Mexico [ironically NAFTA partners] to have access of this private information. Once again, another example of the government getting entangled in another form of an alliance is documented here. This information is well intentionally used to fight against illegal immigrants between these countries, while these actions like this do not follow the course of our highest national document.

The fact that the United States of America is forcing individual states to lose its autonomy not only to the federal government, but to foreign countries is outright unconstitutional as well as dangerous. A crooked foreign statist possibly might decide to sell or distribute information about an individual through unintended channels. Additionally, this informational procedure could be devised to break up dissent to governmental opinion.

Fortunately, quite a few states have vowed to fight back for privacy reasons and also to promote smaller versions of governmental rule. Regrettably, other states have caved into Michael Chertoff and company's criminal, dangerous, and unconstitutional legislation.

Ron Paul on Real ID

More on the Real ID Act
Real ID Rebellion [blog]
Text Of Real ID Act
How Will Real ID Affect You


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Creative Destruction In The Beltway

The spirit of economist Joseph Schumpeter's creative destruction theory, simply meaning that in order for a business to survive in a long term business cycle, you have to think about possibly destroying a monopoly. This unique business model is running through the halls of D.C. with Ron Paul's GOP presidential run.

So how does a politician capture the ideas of a free market economist and bypass the beaurocratic government officials? Simply act the role of a free agent. Another way of stating this is that an anti-politician politician is transparent while also fitting the mold of an outsider. Read Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul, a 72 year old ob-gyn specialist became interested in the Austrian style of economics through the work of Ludwig von Mises and Fredrick Hayek. Paul's economic quests eventually helped steer him towards his current position of being a Republican House Of Representatives member. Instead of being a cookie cutter neo-con, Paul considers himself a champion of freedom, better known as a libertarian.

Open your history book to the likes of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. These three founding fathers promoted the idea of non-interventionaism. When a nation expands to empire status, disaster looms on the horizon. Nation building policies supports the military economic structure, while the rest of the nation suffers from the government borrowing from foreigners. Long run analysis points to higher taxes from overspending while inflation rises higher from the Fed's fiat currency being printed like clockwork.

Even though Dr. Paul's ideas are new to many of his grassroots supporters, he considers himself a traditional conservative with states rights beliefs that opposes federal government getting involved in everyday life. Paul supports abolishing the Federal Reserve System, bringing back the Gold Standard as a preventative measure to government spending, removing all troops from overseas, keeping government monetary incentives out of all legislation, keeping national sovereignty intact, and other political positions to be looked up. Dr. Paul simply votes his legislation in accordance to the Constitution.

While I highly support Dr. Paul's life long services of championing freedom, I really am supporting his ideas of a minimal government which does not meddle in foreign and economic affairs.

Dr. Paul's ideas cycle back to the creative destruction theory that Capital Hill and the White House needs to implement. By destroying parts of unnecessary government growth, Dr. Paul's vision of real freedom is achieved. Dr. Paul's Official Website Dr. Paul's Political Positions

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The Federal Reserve System

The inflation cycle meandering Federal Reserve System could easily lead itself towards a path larger than any previous natural or economic disasters with their mechanical printing press. Many changes ought to be implanted towards the secret society of the monetary gods, if not abolishment.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 [Boyer, Oxford Guide: United States History, 2001, New York, Pages 260-261] enabled the eventual steps towards broken government. These unconstitutionally misguided steps eventually led the privately owned Fed away from the Gold Standard [Boyer, Oxford Guide: United States History, 2001, New York, Page 313] to the more impractical, yet more convenient method of creating money out of the thin air [aka;fiat money].
The problem with the later Federal Macroeconomics policy is many fold worse. First of all, by not having a valuable commodity to back up the every downward spiralling buck, the government becomes larger because bullion forces the administrators of beaurocracy to be converted into more minimum authority. Additionally, the more money that is printed the higher prices increases. This is known to the common folk as inflation.

Another problem with the Federal Reserve Act is that in reality, it is a private bank even though the Constitution states "To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin... [CATO, The Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution, 2002, Washington, DC, Page 23]. Private banks should not administer monetary policy due to both transparency and sovereignty issues. Do you beleive me if this is a private institution? Check out "FederaL Reserve Bank" in your phone book under businesses because this media controlled society is not in the government pages.

So what is the best way to wean this Constitutional Republic off the unconstitutional version of the Masons? Think abolishment.

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CPR Despite Stimulus

The one hundred and forty five billion dollars introduced by the White House/Capital Hill stimulus package is nothing more than temporal feel good solutions. This dream bill, semi-created by D.C. statists, is appealing to politicians, but equals disaster amongst most economists' opinions. According to the ever most important long-run, this possible legislation will create a higher inflation rate due to the Federal Reserve's monitorial printing press continues to overproduce, there will not really be a short run solution for stimulation the hurting economy, the consumer will direct the almost worthless money not controlled by the gold standard towards another economy than intended for the intended consumer. Additionally, these artificially created monetary units have once again been added to the already dangerous budget deficit. The private sector is forced to take the back seat because politics is what ultimately rules the roost.

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Interdependents vs. Independents

While money is being created in the atmosphere, shooting up higher in the form of inflation, I have wondered whether to return my Libertarian Party Club Med membership or in a fine statist style, reciting their well thought out constitutionally based party line.

More simply said, my cheap ballpoint pen recently checked off "independent" in the little black box on the state of Missouri's change of party form. In effect, I have renounced the LP, making my wallet sized card null and void. In reality, I still believe in the concepts of being pro-free market, pro-constitution, and pro- freedom through self reliance.

Month upon month, I have mentally flossed my brain cells over whether I am an interdependent part of a machine [the LP, even though they do not qualify as being a large machine] or an independent human, processing information for myself. In short, I opted for the latter selection because it enhances the case for freedom while not depending on others.

Yes, I am positive that I will continue to vote pro-freedom, pro- free markets and other related subjects. The point is by becoming independent, I am thinking for myself , a sign of self reliance while the opposite is for me to be part of the well oiled machine that I do mostly agree with and more than likely vote for.


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The Overlooked Liberty

Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachement as that from which they draw gains. [Thomas Jefferson - March 1814]
As the United State's Independence Day draws near, it would be appropriate to explain a very important interpretation about the above statement. Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith [Author of the Book "Wealth of Nations"] support this testimonial, proving that an absolute market economy and personal liberty are two interchangable ideas.

Only a few months before July 4, 1776, Scotland's Adam Smith released his now famous book, "Wealth Of Nations." This March 1776 book release kicked off the idea of promoting the economic concept of a Free Market.

During this time, European monarchies [including Britain's], absolutely controlled the market place with unfair taxation, promoting international tariffs, and not allowing the common folk to own private property.

In a nutshell, bits and pieces of Smith's book advocated that free international trade was the only way to conduct a foreign policy. Furthermore, a 100% economic laissez faire policy should be implemented by any government. Smith beleived that by any government interfering in any economic decision making activity would create artificial barriers.
Additionally, Smith beleived in the concept of private property, which the colonists passionately wrote for, and eventually was one reason to fight the British over. Without the concept of private property, an almost non-existant pratice amongst many European countries during the 1700's, there would simply not be any personal liberty.

On July 4, 1776, The Declaration Of Independence was proclaimed for the entire world, especially the British government to hear. Include in this most important document was many of the same themes included in the "Wealth Of Nations." In a round about way, the Declaration included the concept of Free Markets, while directly promoting limited government roles and personal liberties.

It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers, to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense... They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society. Let them look well after their own expense, and they may safely trust private people with theirs. If their own extravagance does not ruin the state, that of their subjects never will. [Adam Smith - "Wealth of Nations"]

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Jefferson, MLK, & Affirmative Action

Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. should have rolled 180 degrees in their graves upon hearing the landmark June 23, 2003 Supreme Court's reiteration of the University Michigan's School Of Law affirmative action enrollment policies.
Affirmative action was first implemented in March of 1961 when President Kennedy decided to react to many years of racial prejudice against African-Americans, from being private property of plantation owners, all the way to the subjection of post-Jim Crowe , Southern segregationalist policies.

Scribesman of the Declaration Of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote in this most sacred document, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Simply said, he means that all people are created equal, even though at the time, the only people were white, caucasian males. In order for Jefferson to help organize the great experiment, the United States Government, he had to begrudgingly deal with these important matters of the day, which included slavery [Jefferson On Slavery].

If Jefferson was currently walking the earth, he would be equally as shocked over the treatment of whites in discriminatory hiring practices as the black's bondage into slavery during the colonial days.

"In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." [Martin Luther King Junior's I Had A Dream Speech : August 28, 1963]
My interpretation of the above statement is that every man has the right to live in a "color-blind society," period. In addition, he has the responsibility to allow others to live as equally as him. Equality is equality if it pertains to African-Americans, Whites, Native-Americans, Latin-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc. Why should it be that a certain race has preferencial treatment because their skin color is dark [as in this case]?

Jefferson would no doubt slam his fist to the table upon hearing about "reverse discrimination." Contrary to "Jeffersonian Theory", there is evidence that King supported affirmative action during his life, but he might have eventually changed his mind later on because the landscape of America has radically altered. Present day African-Americans are economically more sound than thirty years ago. It has become common place to encounter them in numerous upper-level jobs, while many more have even jumped into the investment game. Sure, lots of prejudice is still targeted towards African-Americans, but why should anybody have an up on another due to the recent American phenomenon of "victimization?"

Pro-affirmative action policies propels itself against the spirit of Jefferson and [maybe] King. Why should an artificial barrier be placed in order to supposedly make up for many years of oppression? The more just outcome would be equal hiring practices, which could possibly mark the closest we have done to achieve utopia in years.

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An Abridged Middle eastern opinion

As the punk rock band THE RAMONES once coined a song, "Road to Ruin," it appears as though the non punk rocker George Bush, [yet a moronic punk in another way] has this scenereo called "The Road Map To Peace." The problem is that with many U.S. troops still stationed in the Iraqi desert, it appears that the Muslim world is so angry at Bush's foreign policy, that a certain amount of people are going to make sure that this new plan is not going to work.

Lets rewind back a few years to the year 1936. Standard Oil of California discovered Saudi Arabia's petroleum in this Middle-Eastern Country. As a result, the Western world has very obviously taken a profound interest in this "black gold."
In the same year, Palestinians conducted a major revolt against the British owning this land. This was not the first time Palestineans revolted against the British as they had taken other actions in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Oil and other petroleum products is the major U.S. interest in this region until September 11, 2001. After this date, the United States shifted its policy towards supporting nations fighting "The War On Terror" while punishing other nations for outright supporting these thugs, as the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Again rewinding history a few years, many drastic events takeplace in the Middle-East. The Founding of the State of Israel, many Israeli-Arab Wars, so called "peace treaties," and a few United States "interventions." As a result, a large group of peopleof Middle-Eastern descent have been angered by these U.S. actions.

Eventually, a very small, yet extremely vocal minority of Middle-Easterners have been led down the path of terrorism. Various Al-Qaeda cells have been formed in responce to U.S. foregn policy expansion in the Middle-East. The inexcusable acts of terror have been commited against the United States because of their policy.

Despite this flawed foreign policy, it would be irresponsible not to defend the homeland. All the 9-11 occurences need to be checked upon, investigated, and have an effective action implimented. Otherwise, we are inviting people to walk all over what is left of our remaining freedoms.

In the meantime, President Bush ought to re-examine his foreign policy. The war in Iraq will be a cake walk in comparison to keeping the peace in the entire Middle-East. The United States and Britain are unilaterally dictating this entire region, telling other countries how to dictate policies within these countries borders.

Telling countries what kind of government is acceptable, threatining other countries while not even attempting diplomicy is only a few of the few faults of the Bush Policy. In fact, I would not be surprised if a Shite Muslim Regime ends up ruling Iraq.

Asides from toning down heated rheteric, especially against Syria and Iraq, moving troops out of Iraq [who I beleive is not connected to Al-Qaeda due to Iraq being a secular state and Al-Qaeda being fundamentalist Muslim] and into areas of Al-Qaeda activity ought to be considered. Send the remainder of the troops to U.S. shores. At least these steps should be a basic start in effectively keeping terrorism out of the United States.

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