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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It Is About Time

Today's Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia vs. Heller, is a great big thumbs up affirming that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is alive and kicking. By allowing residents of the District Of Columbia to defend themselves, the message is being sent to other courts that citizens can and will stand up for their individual rights. While this court decision of extreme importance is generally going down the correct path, there possibly might be some future dangers by state and municipal courts trumping the wisdom of these judges. Lets hope that citizens of all states will legally be allowed to individually protect themselves far into the future.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill

Eventually, America needs to join the leftist movement by going green with alternative power in addition to adding the feared white domed nuclear power facilities. In the meantime, I have selected three key words; drill baby, drill.

The current version of Congress has been doing next to nothing in addressing the vital energy issue of high gasoline prices. With these highly raised prices, America's economy continues to fall faster than the greenback. So why is Congress not taking real action to address these price issues?

Simply said, the environment trumps all despite the fact technologies have cleaned up oil drilling methods. It should be not feared to have a few drills in areas close to our favorite whales and polar bears....Alaska and California. By strategically placing these drills in the United States of America, we would start to achieve two main chief goals; 1) Becoming an energy independent nation. 2) Improve our economy by reducing oil prices.

In the long run after alternative energy system/nuclear networks start to kick in, while we have been extracting sizable amounts oil from coal, we can start to gradually transfer our power systems to alternative energy.

In the short run, the United States of America needs to pass laws to drill in areas such as Alaska, California, and the Gulf Coast because it is imperative that we try to reduce energy costs as quickly as possible. The turbulant global economy is being inundated with high ever increasing transportation costs. We can wait until the time is right to switch to alternative energy because energy prices and national energy independence are issues of most importance.


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