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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monetary Politburo Calls The Shots Again

Ben Bernanke and the secret organization, The Federal Reserve Bank, plans to lend financial institutions liquidity instead of their usual FDR style role of entitlement distribution with free money in exchange for a higher national debt and a higher budget deficit.

The recent scenario of lending instead of cost cutting measures makes this latest action slightly more favorable. Still, money will be printed and inflation will continue its onward rise due to this automated feature.

I will repeat for the one millionth time that this most recent Fed action is unconstitutional. According to article one, section eight of the US Constitution, the Congress is to be the deciders of authorization of money being printed and distributed.As opposed to the transparent spirit of the Constitution, The Federal Reserve Board acts in a manner closer to the secret and socialist style of the Soviet Politburo.

Fed's interest rate games could destroy the dollar


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