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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Less Is More

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Our founding fathers would be rolling in their caskets upon witnessing the super expansion of our current governmental powers... central powers must be rolled back in order to create a more perfect union.

The Jeffersonian theory of expansion of governmental power at every possible opportunity is becoming more of a reality upon each tick of a clock. This activity is represented by bailouts, so called "economic stimulants," [aka; monetary inflation], military appropriations, congress men's/congress women's salaries, congressional Aid's hourly pay, janitorial pensions, and so on and so forth.

In reality, what is taking place in the circus ring better known to most as the floor of the House and Senate, displays only a portion of the ever expanding federal government. For every Congressman/Congresswoman elected, many more invisible variables enter the picture. Remember, secretive powers corrupts!

Before we deal with the buffoon lobbyists, lieing senators, expansive executors, it is time to improvise a radical new solution. Citizens of the United States ought to toss their apathy in the trash bin and loudly demand to rid the beltway of a corrupt and ultra-large central government. Put on your thinking caps and think out of the box ...Less is more.

A great and very creative solution to reduce government was recently placed before my eyes inside Wayne Allyn Root's informative and most recent book, "Conscience Of A Libertarian." The author, a former Vice-Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, sounded off by stating a certain portion of the Nevada model of government ought to be implemented.

The scope of government has gotten so large that we have passed the large government barrier and are moving into super-sized government territory. Our federal bureaucracy is quickly becoming a runaway bullet train ready to roll off its tracks. What kind of action does the Average Joe want implemented?

In his usually boisterous but proud testimonial, Root proclaimed in "Conscience Of A Libertarian," that the best way to reduce government is to cut down on the number of working days. He endorses Nevada's common sense blueprint, allowing only 120 days a year of government intervention. By implementing this cost cutting time restraining exercise, less money would be distributed towards Congressional staffs, the upkeep of federal facilities would be radically lower, lobbyist activity would be forced to corrupt the system less, and government would not be running at the speed of light.

Think of central government which is smaller in the scope of things, taxes are extremely reduced to what the founding fathers prefer, and the liberty we all should aim for is less likely to be intruded upon.


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